What We Do

While helping companies cut costs and product development time with rapid prototyping is important, it's not the only service we offer. This technology allows us to create customized products, on both a large and small scale. We produce personalized products for the consumer market, as well as helpful products that allow other businesses to better serve their own customers.

  • The premium business card they won't throw away™

    Traditional business cards are commonplace. Everyone has them, which makes it difficult for you to stand out from your competition.

    The patent-pending CallingCube™ is anything but traditional. You become unforgettable the moment you hand them your three-dimensional business card. Normal business cards end up in their desk drawer. The CallingCube™ ends up ON their desk.

  • Print My Pix 3D
    Pictures with POP!

    Are your photos missing something? We live in a 3D world, so why settle for 2D photographs? We'll take your regular photos, add some magic, and people will immediately take notice. Just don't get too close!

  • Build Your Own 3D
    Just like the name says.

    Are you an aspiring designer, but printing on paper doesn't yield the results you're looking for? Is there something you've always wanted to sell, but didn't have the resources to start a manufacturing company? Now, you can do it all without leaving home. Just send us your CAD file. We'll give you a quick estimate and have your item in your hands in just a few days.

  • My Sign Jewelry
    Traffic signs you'll really notice!

    Take a concept that's universally recognizable, add your own message and you've got something cool, unique and bound to get people's attention. And if they don't obey your sign, we'll write them a ticket.

  • Build My Model Home
    Your house with less lawn to mow.

    You're proud of your home. Why not have your very own replica to remind you of your pride and joy? If you're getting ready to build a new home, we can take your builder's CAD drawings and build a model for you to show your friends while it's under construction. When people say, "that sounds nice," you can show them how it's going to look when it's finished.